The Artezanos T.I.P.V. features the SP-1 Thin Film Flexible CIGS Technology by SoloPower Systems Inc from Portland, Oregon. This system was installed over a patented Artezanos heat dissipation System whereby the heat would be conveniently dumped into the pool year round. This entire roof with all the goodies qualifies for a 30% federal tax credit without cap limitation until December 31, 2019. The heat dissipation system runs cool pool water underneath the solar array to pick up waste heat generated from the hot Solopower Photovoltaic panels. A 3 degree drop in temperature increases electrical production of the Solopower SP-1 by roughly 7%. This roof is in Historic MorningSide community in Miami and was installed with antique Artezanos World Class Tile from 25 years ago. Because this is a historic renovation, care was taken to remove the tile that was formerly there and was mixed with nwer Artezanos from the present day. The result is a very traditional rustic roof with very sustainable integrated elements that work aesthetically with the home to keepo its original character. The Solar panel array is not visible from the groung elevation.

The Artezanos Solar Thermal R.I.S.A. is certified by the Florida Solar Energy Center. This integrated tubing can be used with the Universal Hybrid Metal Pans with any of our Artezanos profiled roof tile products and qualify for a 30% Federal Tax Credit for the entire expense of the new roof until December 31, 2019.